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Pub Owner?


Bar Owner?

Are you Ready to Re-Open With Social Distancing?

Now Is the Time To get Your Own Ordering App

For less then £12 per week













No need for your customers to queue or come to the bar. They come in find a table, scan the Q code to download your App. They place their order and pay you via the App. You fill their Order and confirm their order is ready for collection.

Order your App today – Be ready to Re-open.

Bespoke Takeaway App Design

We will build you your OWN APP in a matter of days and launch it on both the Apple AppStore, and Google Playstore.  

All this for just £299 plus £25 per month

No hidden fees

No commissions 

App Development

Our apps are all “native” applications built for smartphones.

Your Colours

Use your company corporate colours to give your customers the familiar look.

Orders Direct

Your orders com to your CRM system which you can have on pad, phone or google printer.

Payment through trusted providers

Your customers can either pay you via your App with PayPal or your own payment processor. 

Your Logo

Upload your logo and have a fully branded App.

Upload Your Menu

Send us your menu items and upload photos of your drinks and bar snacks.

Collect from bar or Deliver to table

You can decide whether to offer Collection from bar or Table service.

Share your App

We will provide you with a Q code so your customers can easily download your App.

Social Distancing with your order-my-drink App

We at BlackBox SEM are a boutique marketing  company focusing on technology to provide support for businesses at an affordable cost.  We understand in these changing times that businesses need to adapt to survive and we believe we can provide the support for this.  As such we have created an affordable ordering app for the drinks and food industry, which is quick and easy to set up and means you can be ready to re-open and serve your customers from day one.. You will be provided with a QR code for your app which customers scan to download your app on their first visit. Using this customised app, your customers will be able to order and pay for their drinks, snacks, or meals from their table, and be told when their purchases are ready for collection from the bar

Smart Drink Ordering

Add all of your drinks with options such as pint/ half pint, to give your customers a professional ordering experience.  Put them into categories for ease of navigation for your customers.


Simple Account Creation


Allow your customers to create their own account and save their favourite orders to keep them coming back for more. Give your customers the peace of mind that they are safe on your premises.

Easy Payment Integration


Take card payments using your preferred payment gateway directly through your mobile app. Our takeaway app builder integrates with a variety of popular gateways, as well as offering the option to take payments through PayPal or cash on delivery.

Reward top spenders with discounts at checkout


Incentivise loyalty by offering a discount and check-out for your top spending customers. Simply set up a minimum spend amount and loyalty percentage and give your best customers a reward for their business.